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*Jeremiah's Hot Sauce


1 1/2 lbs. of mixed TSFF hot peppers, (Jer.'s sauce being all red ones, a mixture of what was on hand. The addition of green Jalape�os may have given it more heat.) 2 heads of TSFF garlic

1/2 of a TSFF med. onion

2 Tbs. salt

2 cups vinegar

1 cup water


   Jeremiah trimmed the stems off, but did little else to the peppers, even leaving the seeds in place.

   He processed them, carefully, so as not to have anything overly full, or prone to splattering. Then poured it into a sauce pan, not cleaning the processor.

   He then removed the "hard neck" stem from the two heads of garlic, and any loose paper, but didn't actually peel the cloves, pointing out that it really didn't pay to be fussy as they were to be processed. Like the peppers, he put the garlic cloves in the food processor and lightly pulverized them, pouring the result into the pot.

   The 1/2 onion was similarly processed and added to the pot, as was the salt, vinegar, and water.

   This was all heated up to a boil and simmered, lid off, for about an hour.

   When cool, the mixture was further processed with an immersion blender, till a desired consistency was reached, which could be either very smooth, or just a bit chunky.

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