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Field Crops at Twin Springs Fruit Farm

Sugar Snap Peas - Onions - Sweet Peppers and Chiles - Tomatoes - Celery - Garlic - Sweet Potatoes - Honeylopes & Christmas Melons - Carrots - Brussels Sprouts - Winter Squash - Potatoes

Sugar Snap Peas:
3 varieties staggered from mid May to mid June


Candy – Sweet & Juicy
Mercury – A mild red variety
Copra – Best keeper, very good for cooking.
Candy and Mercury are available August 1st – Winter; we start with Copra when we run out of Candy.

Sweet Peppers and Chiles:
This year we are growing sweet bell peppers (red, orange and yellow) as well as the Anaheim Chile. The Anaheim will be mildly hot, and if the seeds and inner membrane are removed they can be quite mild.


Scarlet Red – Medium to large fruit, and always vine ripened.
Cherry Tomatoes – Dasher and Sungold
Available mid July until Frost.


Celery is a fairly new crop for Twin Springs as it requires a lot of time and care. It has been a huge hit with customers due to its being sweet, juicy and very crisp. Although it is planted quite early celery takes months to mature, one of the reasons very few local growers attempt this crop.
Available October through December


German White – Fantastic hard necked variety, and the only one we grow these days.
Available June – January.


Sweet Potatoes: 
Beauregard – Traditional orange inside and out – quite sweet, considered a “Superfood”
Japanese – Purplish on the exterior but white on the inside – very sweet and a bit dry, but in a good way.
Available September – March


Honeylopes & Christmas Melons:
The two varieties of melons grown by Twin Springs. The only complaint we have heard is that they are “too sweet” for some. Available mid July until Frost.


A recent addition, and very popular. Look for them to start sometime in June. We grow Sugar Snak and Mokum, two very sweet and crisp varieties.
Available on and off June through December

Brussels Sprouts:
This cool weather crop is a real hit with customers as the freshness of our sprouts makes them a far cry from the often bitter and sour ones, due to age, typically found in grocery stores. We pick them multiple time a week through the fall harvest. Either roasted or steamed their sweetness comes through. We generally start picking them in mid September and offer them until the weather gets too cold for them to grow. 

Winter Squash:
We presently grow three varieties, which are available beginning in September, and going right through the winter months. Butternut is the old reliable standard called for in most recipes for baking, roasting and soups. Sunshine is a Japanese Kabocha variety which is known for its’ sweetness and velvety texture. Bon Bon is a relatively new award winning variety in the Buttercup family, which also cooks up sweet and smooth.

Red Norland and Vivaldi as tender young new potatoes in the early summer months, followed by Vivaldi a new variety which is similar but superior in flavor and texture to the Yukons we used to grow.  The variety is known in England, where it was developed, as the weight watcher potato as it has significantly fewer calories than most other varieties. Vivaldi are available from late summer through the fall and winter.

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