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Grilled Peach and Sweet Pepper Salsa

The following recipe is by Diana, and was found on the FreshFarm Market website newsletter. We attend their Dupont Circle Market, and hope they don't mind my adaptation; they included other farm sources for some items, for shame!


3 Medium TSFF Peaches 

2 Ears Sweet Corn 

2 Large TSFF Sweet Peppers 

1 Hot Pepper of your choice 

1 Large TSFF Sweet Onion  

1 or more Tbsp. of Cilantro 

Zest of 1 Lime

Juice of 1 Lime


Light the grill. Halve and pit the peaches, leaving the skin on. Shuck the corn.

Quarter and de-seed the sweet peppers and mince the hot pepper (use your personal taste to determine how much hot pepper to include- about 1 Tbsp. would be medium heat).  Peel and slice the onion into thick (1 inch) slices. Be sure to spray the grill! The peaches will stick. Put the peaches, corn, peppers, and onions on the grill. The peaches will be done first - they need about 5-7 minutes per side. Place them in a bowl and make sure they cool completely (I put them in the refrigerator while I finished grilling the rest of the veggies) Next, the peppers should come off. Its fine, even preferable, if the skin is a little charred. Once they have cooled, the skin will just peel off. Leave the onions and corn on the grill for at least 20 minutes, making sure all sides are browned. Once done, remove them from the grill and allow them to cool completely. While the grilled veggies are cooling, add the minced hot pepper, lime zest, and lime juice to a medium bowl. When they cool to room temperature, small dice the peaches. This will get messy, but try to contain the juices as much as possible as it is needed for the salsa. Remove any charred skin from the peppers and small dice them. Chop up the onions to your desired size and cut the corn off the cob.

Roughly chop the cilantro, add to the bowl, toss all ingredients together and salt and pepper to taste. If using this as a salsa with chips, it is much tastier the next day. It can be room temperature if used as a salsa on meat or fish

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