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1. As of Wednesday at 5:30 PM, we open up the Website for taking orders for the weekend markets, by removing weekday markets as pick-up locations, and having only weekend locations as active pick-up sites. 


At 1:00 PM on Friday, we will remove the Saturday market locations as active pick-up locations, and only the seven Sunday sites will remain. These will shut down at 1:00 PM on Saturday.


2. Ordering for the weekday markets opens up on the website at 1:00 P.M. on Monday. Ordering becomes unavailable on Tuesday at 1:00 PM, for Wednesday markets, and subsequently on Wednesday, at 1:00 PM, for Thursday markets.

We accept:

Twin Springs Fruit Farm Shop Online

Order products individually to create your unique box. 


We kindly ask that online shop orders be a minimum of $20 in products.  If under $20, please purchase at Market. 

Please be advised that order deadline is 12 pm the day prior to the market you are picking up from.

Please place your online order through Table Rock Markets.

If you have issues with Table Rock Markets, please let them know: Contact Table Rock Markets or call Jake Grim at 717-357-7221

Our original online store will remain open for customers having issues with Table Rock Markets as we make the transition.

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