Twin Springs Fruit Farm

What's New at Twin Springs Fruit Farm in Pennsylvania


Starting in late June, and going right through most of the market season into late fall, we will be harvesting tender, sweet carrots. Varieties include Sugarsnax, Mocum, Purple Haze and White Satin. They have been a big hit in the past couple of years as they are sweeter and juicier than those one finds in grocery stores.

New young plantings just coming into production will increase production, and extend our season on both ends making this “Super food” available for a longer time. We have a netting frame over the whole planting for “bird exclusion”. Without this protection, it is not uncommon to lose 50% of the crop to birds; a lot of trouble but worth the effort.

Twin Springs has planted a row of apricots, varieties we are familiar with which bear much more reliably than our earlier plantings. Many customers have noticed on how seldom there is a big enough crop to last at market for more than a brief appearance. We are confident that these more reliable varieties will allow us to harvest not just more fruit but over an extended season.

New Apple Plantings in 2012

  • We have planted a new, very early variety named Sansa. It is a firm, but tender, very early sweet and juicy snacking apple which we trialed a couple of years ago, and subsequently decided to plant in greater numbers. It will mature two weeks ahead of our Gala, which are themselves quite early.
  • A new planting of Red Winesap has gone in this Spring as we don’t want to give up this great old variety.
  • 100 Crown Empire as well as 100 Cripps Pink Lady have also been planted.

In 2011 Twin Springs tried raising spinach for the first time and we were disappointed to have the entire planting ruined by the rainfall in the fall. this year looks much better and we will be planting out three varieties we feel confident will make it to market in the early summer and if successful in Fall. The trials of three varieties will allow us to discover the best varieties for our soil and climate.

While we have grown kale in the greenhouse out of season we will be planting it in the field this year. 

Broccoli Raab
Last season we tried growing Broccoli Raab on a small scale; as it was well received we are going to plant a larger field of a different variety which should have more of the broccoli-like heads customers love.

Brussels Sprouts
As with the spinach much of 2011’s sprout plants were under water long enough to destroy a large percentage of the planting, making our season very short. We hope to have much greater success this year.

In 2010 Twin Springs had a fantastic crop of celery which was really well received. As with some of the above crops 2011’s crop was quite problematic and disappointing. We will be giving it a go again this year and barring more crazy weather or other problems there should be a great crop. Don’t look for it until fall as it takes a long time to grow and mature, but it is well worth the wait.