Twin Springs Fruit Farm

Greenhouse Crops available at Twin Springs Fruit Farm

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Bok Choi and Savoy Spinach:
These two new crops are used either raw or cooked, mostly stir fried. Both are cut at their peak along with our year round lettuce and arugula for sale at all of our winter locations.
Trust, a beefsteak variety with firm 6-10 oz. fruit, has very good flavor and keeps well. After some trial and error, we have settled on Trust as our primary variety.
Cherry Tomatoes:
Sungold– Golden cherry tomato with 1″ to 1 ½” fruit with a unique tropical flavor – very sweet
Dasher– Deep red cherry tomato – Great in salads.
Manar – Middle Eastern, Seedless cucumbers with excellent Flavor
Freshly cut bunches of arugula have become a very popular seller. We will be re-seeding the beds right through the season, so there should be a steady supply for all markets.
Limited quantities, and very popular. Arrive early at market before they disappear.
Red Oak Leaf and Green Buttercrunch – Tender and delicious. Now available most of the year.
Almost year-round, with the roots in place to keep it fresh, or even be planted – by the bunch.

Our fourth large greenhouse, completed in the Spring of 2014, allows us to grow more year-round crops. The new biomass heating plant, very “green” heat source, will enable us to grow more items in the colder months. Let us know at market, or via e-mail, what you think about these items and how we might expand or improve our produce.

Click here to see a picture sequence of greenhouse growth!